2. Art – Count Controlled Loop

Loops controlled by a counter perform for a set number of times before allowing the program to continue or end. The number of repeats is usually linked to what you are trying to achieve – e.g. the number of lines to draw a shape, the number of questions in a quiz etc.,


Look carefully at the code and write down what you think it will produce.


Open the project and run the code by clicking on the Green Flag

Does what happens match your prediction? Add to your description anything which you notice which you didn’t predict.


  1. When the green flag is clicked which instructions are run before the count controlled loop?
    What is the purpose of each of these?

  2. Which code instrcutions decides how many circles will be on the screen?

  3. Which code instruction ensures the circles are not all poining in the same direction?

  4. Which code instruction puts each circle in a different place on the screen?

  5. Which code instruction also makes sure the circles on;t all look the same?


  1. Change the code so that there are more circles. Write what you did.

  2. Change the code so that the colour changes by 100 each time. Write down what do you notice?
    What about 200?

  3. Change the code so that the semicircles are also horizontal and vertical. Write down what you changed to achieve this.

  4. The Sprite has a second costume of a black circle. Add code so that each time it prints a colourful circle, it also prints a smaller black circle in the same place. Write down what you added.

    (Hint: You will need to add a number o flines of code)


  1. Write a program which prints a sprite smaller each time, moving along an equal number of spaces each time.
    1. Experiment with changing the colour each time in the loop
    2. Experiment with changing the ghost effect or brightness
    3. Experiement with starting at 100% size and reducing in equal steps to zero

  2. Write a program with a sprite with two costumes – a small shape and a large shape. Keep changing position and print both shapes in each place..
    1. Experiment with rotating a little each time
    2. Experiment with changing the size of the shapes in the loop
    3. Experiment with changing the colour, brightness or ghost effect.

What effects can you make?

Upload your own

When you have created something amazing, you can save the file as an image and upload your Count Controlled Loop creations to the gallery using the uploader below.

Images must be your own work created using Scratch and the count-controlled loops available on this page.

By uploading your art image, you agree that you are sharing your own work under a CC0 license, putting it in the public domain. This gives ScratchSchool permission indefinitely to display your work on these pages.

Once uploaded, images have to be approved by a moderator. They will not appear immediately.

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